Ongoing Project


  • Client : Royal Commission Jazan
  • Type of Service : Preliminary Design - Engineering, Procurement and Construction for (EPC) Contract.
  • Commencement Date : May 2020
  • Completion Date : On Going

The Royal Commission Jazan is establishing a new city in Jazan Province which will consist of refineries, other industries, and residential districts. This project comprises the design of an Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant (IWWTP) to pre-treat wastewater from the industrial area of Jazan City for Primary and Downstream Industries (JCPDI) with a capacity of 37,000 m3/day as Phase 1, together with the provision for expansion in two further phases, each with capacity of 37,000 m3/day. The effluent from the IWWTP will then be blended with the domestic/community wastewater, and the blended wastewater further treated by the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) being constructed by Saudi ARAMCO. The IWWTP will not employ treatment processes to produce either reuse quality TSE or marine discharge quality effluent; rather it will produce an effluent that will be amenable to additional treatment by the biological treatment process at the STP.

FAEC together with a specialist process sub-consultant are to prepare the concept design, performance specifications, bills of quantities and tender documents to enable RC Jazan to float an EPC Tender for turnkey construction of the proposed JCPDI IWWTP Process Units and Buildings.

The components of the Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant and associated Major Buildings are given below:

Treatment Process Facilities:
•  Inlet Pump Station and Coarse Bar Screens (for 3 phases)
•  Flow distribution box (for 3 phases)
•  Fine Bar Screen (1 phase)
•  Oil/Grease Removal Unit (1 Phase)
•  Coagulation/ Flocculation/ Sedimentation (1 Phase)
•  Effluent Pumping Station (3 Phases)
•  Sludge Thickeners (1 phase)
•  Sludge Holding Tank (1 phase)
•  Sludge Dewatering (1 Phase)
•  Odor Control (1 phase)
•  Chemical Systems, 4-5 chemicals (1 phase)
Major Buildings:
•  Sludge Dewatering Building (3 phases)
•  Chemical Feed Building (3 phases)
•  Administration and Control Building (3 Phases)
•  Maintenance and Storage Building (3 phases)
•  Guardhouse (3 Phases)
•  Three Pre-Engineering Buildings (1 phase)